Baptism – Sugin Kim

Sabbath 9 September was a beautiful occasion for all who attended and especially the Korean Group in Brisbane. Members and friends of the Korean group met together with members and visitors of Pimpama and Clayfield churches to witness the baptism of Sugin Kim (also known to us as Peter) and Hogyeom Kang (also known as Josh). 

It was a joy to have visitors and friends from the Korean and Pimpama groups for the Sabbath School and Divine Service where we considered the importance of salvation and how and when we can be saved. We also realised that in any country it is illegal to bury a live person hence with baptism the great importance of the old man being dead and the new man being risen in Christ.  

After a combined lunch, we all proceeded to the place of baptism where our Korean Minister Br Kang shared some truths from the Word of God and all praised God in song as the brethren went into the waters of baptism. Many who wished to commit or recommit their lives to God came forward following the baptism and special prayer was made for them in their walk with God.