Elim Missionary College: Month 1 Concludes

Seventeen students from 5 countries gathered at Elim Heights Youth Camp for Month 1 of the Missionary Training Program 2018. The main study classes were in Bible research, home Bible study presentation, and the content of the book Gospel Workers. Students also assisted with practical work on the Elim Heights campus, including building, woodcutting and working in the vegetable garden.

Teachers were Peter D Lausevic, Larry Ah-ching, Daniela Balarezo and Nathan Tyler. Catering by Cati Szabo and Moenau Holman provided delicious meals which kept everyone happy and well fed.

Students are now moving to western Sydney for further classes and practical work. The next class will be Literature Evangelism, led by Adrian Finaru.

Please keep the missionary school in your prayers, and if you are in New South Wales, please welcome our students visiting your local church.

– Nathan Tyler, Director


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