Missionary Stall at the Maddington Markets

Missionary Stall at the Maddington Markets


The day started at 5:30 am for a few Perth young people on 10 January 2002, as a missionary stall at the Maddington Markets had been organised for that day. We very artistically arranged both health books and pamphlets onto a little table we had obtained for the occasion, only to have a very strong wind roar up and sweep some of our little arrangements away. Fortunately, we managed to retrieve most of the runaway pamphlets.

We thank God for the opportunities He gave us that morning, for, although we only sold two books (two Grape Cures), we were able to have many conversations with people just browsing. I will relate three of these experiences.

One gentleman was highly conversational and he let us know that all the literature we were selling he already knew about. He gave us some "food for thought" in the way of some Bahai literature. This was his religion. We felt it was only fair to return his favour and accept his pamphlets in exchange for some of our leaflets on "After Death What?" and such like. We pray that he may read these to find out the truth for himself.

About halfway through the morning a Romanian gentleman approached us and asked if we were Reform Adventists. We confirmed we were and he then told us his nephew attended our church a couple of times about 5 years ago. Those of us who were around 5 years ago remembered the young gentleman he was referring to. The Uncle (I don’t remember his name) was a very sincere person and said that he had often wanted to come and worship with us at Guildford, but he has been an active member of a Sunday keeping denomination near where he lives for 30 years. He is currently studying with a group of people in his congregation who have now accepted the Sabbath. We were overjoyed to hear this and told him we would keep him in our prayers that he would be a witness where he was and be used by God for his particular ministry.

Br Gerson and Br Jacques had a deep and meaningful conversation with a lady who had previously studied with Adventists and strongly felt that they had wrong doctrines (i.e., keeping the Sabbath, overcoming sin). She promised that she would write to them in regards to how she believed and took Br Jacques Payet’s phone number. Both Br Jacques and Br Gerson received a letter from her at a later date, explaining her beliefs and why she believed the way she did. This lady knew her Bible and we believe this is ground in which we are able to plant some seeds. We finished off at the markets at about 9:30, packing all the books back in the car but thanking God for the opportunity of witnessing for Him.

Catherine Thiel