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Western Australia Missionary News


For some time it had been in my mind to visit those individuals who had ordered a copy of, “The Great Controversy” from the leaflets letterboxed.  Although I have no problem going on my own to do this, I do not think it is wise for a sister these days to do so, I shared my desire with Sr. Maureen Parkes and we decided on a day that would suit us both.

Tuesday morning came, and after much prayer, we set off .  The words, “Not I but Christ”, came to mind, and several times that morning we prayed not only for the souls but also for ourselves that we might be hid in Christ.

The first home we went to, we were very pleasantly surprised by the lovely Christian music playing.  The lady was a Christian and was attending a home Church.  She did not want a copy of Desire of Ages, but we did have a good conversation with her and who knows what might happen down the track.  She said she always prayed to do God’s will and she believed He leads us step by step.

Of the nineteen homes we went to, twelve were not home.  These appeared to be all males who had requested the book. We want to return and letterbox those homes with the, Desire of Ages leaflet.

Three people would not accept the book.  The first lady I shared with you and one other woman who was a Christadelphian and the third lady did not come to the door but called through the open door that she was not interested, it would not have mattered who we were or what we were offering.

The wonderful thing was that five people accepted a copy of the, Desire of Ages. 

One of these ladies, when she received a copy of the Great Controversy, said that she had enjoyed it so much that she wrote in requesting another copy for her mother.   When we rang the door bell it seemed that no one was home and we returned to the car. We had just started the car to leave when we heard someone calling to us.  It was an elderly woman who asked us what we wanted, and when we explained, she said, “Just a minute my daughter is coming”. Unbeknown to us, her daughter was a shift worker  and had climbed out of bed to come to the door.

She was so lovely, and on explaining the reason for our visit, was very pleased. Sr Maureen asked her if she had enjoyed the Great Controversy and she said, she had loved it.

We offered her a copy of the Desire of Ages, which she gladly accepted and her mother received one also. I then remembered I had put in a couple of copies of Steps to Christ and explained a little about them and asked her if she would also like a copy each of those, once again the answer was a delighted, “Yes Please, thank you so much.”

We left with her calling, “God bless you both.”

One other lady who accepted the Desire of Ages did not remember receiving the Great Controversy and asked for another copy of the Great Controversy, which was given the next day.

I cannot explain how very blessed we felt.  We believe time is so short, and so many people do not have this message enabling them to overcome sin and get ready to meet our Saviour when He comes. The books we are giving out are beautiful books and we are to testify of this.

May I encourage each one to brighten the corner where they are, it’s not just the sharing of books but the life we live that will really testify whether we are Christ-like Christians or not. Can others see “Jesus” in me?

Very humbly in His Service,

Sr. Linda Vaughey
Guilford Church, WA.

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