AUC Workers & Workers’ Wives Seminar 2009

AUC Workers & Workers’ Wives Seminar 2009

Workers & Worker’s Wives Seminar

29th January – 11 February 2009


From 29 January – 11 February 2009 most of the Bible workers for the Australasian Region along with their wives attended a seminar with a difference.  This was the first time in many years that the meetings included subjects relevant to both the workers and their wives.

Pertinent subjects like growing a strong church, hospitality on a budget, relationships, managing a balanced lifestyle and confidentiality were covered.  Discussion forums were also held which were open to any questions posed by the workers or their wives.  These forums were at times lengthy, but very beneficial.

Issues that Ministers and Bible workers (and their wives) have to deal with are many and varied and sometimes very difficult.  Br Jaksic, one of the retired ministers, proved a very valuable help by presenting a session on counselling, involving the many areas of life that counselling would be needed and types of questions that would need to be dealt with in the work of the Lord.

As the work of the Gospel calls to both the highways and the byways a session was thought necessary on social etiquette.  This was quite beneficial as it was learned what to do and what not to do at different types of social events that a person may be invited to, and how to appropriately present food and host a social occasion in different types of societies.  An opportunity was then given to practice the newly acquired skills by attending a formal dinner, complete with speeches.

For those who are new to the work, sessions on church organization, managing the work schedule and priorities were of inestimable value. The seminar was completed and all left with new vigour to go out to spread the gospel and encourage the churches.

Many were able to encourage each other in their common goals and circumstances and promised to continue to do so by phone and email throughout the year.

Many thanks should go to those who organized the seminar and put so much effort into the worships and presentations.

AUC Executive Council – 1st February 2009

Whilst the Bible workers and their wives were gathered for the worker’s seminar, it was a perfect time for the AUC Executive Council also to meet.  On Sunday 1st February 2009, eighteen brethren and sisters who hold executive and leadership positions within our Union met at Schofields centre for the day to discuss the needs and make plans for the advancement of the gospel within the Australasian Union.  We thank God for the freedom we still have to meet in such a way and for His unfailing help.