NSW Health Demonstration

NSW Health Demonstration

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“The Vegetarian Way” – 18 & 25 May & 1 June

Br Luke Kneebone, leader of the NSW Missionary Department, kept many busy once again with another venture held the last two Mondays of May and the first Monday in June.

About 6,000 flyers were designed, printed and given out advertising health lectures and vegetarian cooking demonstrations.  These were held at Beaumont Hills Community Centre.

Br Alasdair Pow took the health lecture segment and answered any questions pertaining to health. Some topics presented included: protein, calcium, iron, benefits of soy, and vegetarianism.

Sisters Lidia Voncina, Rosetta Ilic, Amy Voncina and Vivian Ilic were involved with the cooking demonstration and presentation.  At each week an entrée, main & desert was demonstrated.  Some of the dishes were eggless quiches, nutmeat balls, soups, roast, zesty lemon pie, and stuffed baked apples. 

Sr Tabitha Hauptmann was also extra busy with printing of flyers, recipes and re-designing Br Alasdair’s health tract “Carnivore to Herbivore”. 

Br Garry Kraus captured these lectures and demonstrations on DVD for anyone that may wish to purchase them; they will be available soon. 

The help during the day from Sr Anne Ilic, Brethren Peter Lausevic, Hayden Wiseman and Szabi Szoke was much appreciated as there was much preparation of samples for the evening demonstration. 

These cooking demonstrations proved to be a huge success, there was an average attendance of 28 and most requested that we come back again, and are looking forward to the next event which will be taking place during August.