New South Wales Health Convention 2009

New South Wales Health Convention 2009







































4-7 June, 2009
By Susan Lausevic
NSW Field Health Dept.


Everyone wants health, energy and a positive outlook on life. That’s what was covered at the NSW Health Convention “Rejuvenate Your Health,” 4-7 June 2009. An average of 80 people attended during the weekend. We were blessed to have speakers who are all working in various health professions: Alasdair Pow (Naturopath), Susan Lausevic (Colon Therapist), Tania Gordon (Massage Therapist) and Catherine Robles (Registered Nurse). Spiritual messages were also given covering emotional health, medical work on Sabbath and health as the entering wedge by various ministers and workers. I would like to thank all those who assisted in making this convention a success.

Friday and Sunday were split up into workshops covering topics on Sprouting, Massage, Herbal Healing, Digestive Health, Smart Carbs, Balancing the Scales and Emotions and Physical Health. Here are some comments by some of the attendees:

The Massage Workshop
“I found the massage workshop taken by Tania Gordon very interesting and informative. We learnt that massages are a particularly good way of relieving pain, stress, tension and generally very good for the wellbeing of a person.” LV
“I enjoyed the hands-on experience of learning to give a simple and relaxing massage. It’s good to be shown how to do it by a professional.” PS

Digestion Workshop
“I really appreciated the colon workshop by Susan Lausevic. I learnt so much about the importance of cleansing the colon that my son and I went to the clinic afterwards for a cleanse. We felt good afterwards. I felt it was especially important for us, as we only became vegetarians in January this year, so having been meat eaters, I wanted a fresh start. My son had particularly good results! If we lived closer I would have liked to have the follow-up cleanse a week later.” LG

Emotions Workshop
“I especially liked the presentation by Catherine Robles on the relationship between our emotions, brain, and physical and spiritual health. I liked the way she brought in the spiritual aspect and how medical research confirms what the Spirit of Prophecy has told us years ago.” PS
“The meeting on how the mind works was really inspirational, it showed how closely ouremotions are related to the way we react to certain situations and how certain foods can stimulate our feelings and change our moods.” RI
“It is amazing how close the relationship is between the body and our emotional state and how different hormones and chemicals get released into our system depending on our ‘mood’. No wonder God wants us to be happy! ‘A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.’ With the hope we know, we should be the happiest people on earth.” S

Raw Food Workshop
“Who said that raw food is boring! The only thing you need is a little bit of imagination and the different foods you can eat are endless. This is the way God wants us to eat so we can have health all the time not just sampling it every so often.” SS

Herbal Healing Workshop
“I learned that to really get the maximum benefits from their properties we really need to use the potent tincture form”. PS

Sprouts Workshop & Youth Programs
“I enjoyed the sprout demonstration and various activities for the youth as I was able to socialize with youth my age.” SS

Therapeutic Juicing Workshop
“I loved the green drinks in Susan’s workshop. We played a “who could drink the most” game but to our surprise it tasted great so it became easier to win. I liked that you used pineapple juice, the only funny thing about it was the colour but it just made it interesting.” LI

Balancing the Scales Workshop
“I found the lecture by Alasdair Pow most interesting regarding good eating versus too much of the wrong combinations. This has quite an effect on the body and storage of fat. Of course, exercise is so very important if we don't want to be a statistic of heart disease etc.” MW
“I liked the meeting on weight loss/gain and how important it is to get the right balance between our carbohydrates, proteins, fats and exercise. Now it’s a challenge to put it all into practice.” RI

General Comments
“Overall I was quite impressed by the quality of the presentations and probably most importantly they were presented by experienced and competent practitioners bringing in examples and experiences from their workplace. This to me makes it very interesting. The combination of practical demonstrations and lecture-style presentations was quite well
balanced.” PS
“Enjoyed the format of the Health Convention – it was something new and the fact that you could choose a workshop that interested you, having small groups that weren't too long.” AI
“I would like to express my appreciation for the effort put into the Health lectures at the NSW camp. I found them very educational, especially the sprouts class and the massage class.” RW
“Although many of us believe that we lead healthy lifestyles, it always comes as a shock to me just how much more there always is to learn. Attending the meetings at the Health Convention was such a blessing and brilliant experience. I noticed throughout the weekend was that the information presented wasn’t just medical terms and abbreviations. A highlight for me was the raw lunch, Bro Alasdair's presentations, the green juice night and basically the entire weekend. I can't wait for the next one!” CC