New South Wales Missionary Seminar 2010

New South Wales Missionary Seminar 2010

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Schofields, 26-28 February, 2010


This seminar was held by the AUC Missionary Leader Br Paul Chapman. The meetings took place at the Schofields Headquarters, NSW, throughout the weekend, commencing Friday evening with a meeting entitled: "Why Am I Here" taken by Br P Chapman.

Sabbath Service was entitled “Ten Times the Power”. God can multiply our talents if we use them to His glory. It is overwhelming how much power we can have when we unite our talents together and when the Holy Spirit takes control. The example of the disciples in the early days was brought out, how they were able to work when the Holy Spirit was poured out, how the whole then world heard the message with such a few men and in comparison what can be accomplished today with the number of members we have and with all the technology available to us at this time.


During the afternoon meeting the secret Missionary Formula “W5H” was disclosed. If you
don't know what this formula is, you will soon find out when the seminar comes to your area.

On Sunday morning, a “Talent Quest” was undertaken to see how many talents which the
Lord has entrusted to us do we have together in order to spread the gospel. When we made a list of all the talents that each have and added them together it was amazing to see how much could be accomplished if we all put them to good use.


One thing that was noticed is we tend to neglect doing follow-up work, and during this seminar the message that was conveyed to each one was that we must do this work, once people are opened to receiving a book or a visit, it is so much easier to continue contact with them than to look for new contacts; we must do the follow-ups if we are to be successful in missionary outreaches.

This was made even more apparent when on Sunday afternoon about a dozen of our missionary volunteers divided into groups of two and followed up on the contacts we already have from the "Great Controversy" book offer. Many encouraging experiences were had and we praise God that the door is open with many of those we met for future visits. One dear soul was also open to a Bible Study on the next visit.

We thank God for the instructions that have been revealed to us on how to do missionary
work and may the efforts in this field be blest and multiplied by Him."