New South Wales Women’s Health Seminar 2010

New South Wales Women’s Health Seminar 2010










Sydney, 12-14 February 2010.


The opening meeting on Friday evening, 12 February 2010, went down in history as the very first Women’s Health Convention to be held in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sister Susan Lausevic, health leader for NSW, welcomed all who were present. Although it was geared and focused on women’s health needs, there were a number of men who also attended. The first meeting was entitled: “Protecting the Heritage of the Lord” taken by Sr Catherine Robles. During this meeting it was brought out how important it is for women to take care of their health before and during gestation period.

Sabbath was another delightful day. During the Sabbath Divine Service we had a wonderful meeting on how religion has much to do with the state of the mind. The title “A Balanced Soul” was taken by Br Nathan Tyler: he brought out how three negative emotions: guilt, worry and depression when replaced by forgiveness, trust and joy brings true peace and that can only come from God.

A combined vegan lunch was then enjoyed by all and in the afternoon there were two meetings:
• A Healthy Glow by Sr Susan Lausevic
• Hormones: Managing the Critical Stages of Life by Sr Catherine Robles

Sunday afternoon “Skincare Homemade” workshop proved to be a very enjoyable and interesting part of this convention. Sister Susan Lausevic shared with us the importance of cleansing and taking care of our skin and how to use ingredients from our very own pantry to make simple and economical beauty products. We were able to put this into practice during the workshop with a face scrub made of polenta, lemon juice and honey. There is no need to buy expensive products in order to take care of our skin and often natural ingredients and herbs are the best. We were also asked to choose a partner to practice skin cleansing, applying a clay mask and hydrating the skin.

The second meeting was entitled: “Heavenly Bodies: 2010 Weight Loss Challenge” where
approximately twenty five women were measured and weighed and given notes on wellbeing. We watched a DVD on the importance of a raw diet by 'Hallelujah Acres' in USA. It was also agreed that weight loss follow-up meetings should be held Sunday evenings at 6:00pm and that we should all encourage each other with an exercise program of some sort. As a result a number of women are still doing some form of exercise and practicing a better lifestyle.

We thank God for the instructions which He has given to us through the Spirit of Prophecy on how to have abundant, quality health. May we all strive to improve in our fitness and wellbeing with the help of the Lord.