Spirit of Prophecy Seminar – Schofields Church

Spirit of Prophecy Seminar – Schofields Church










5-6 March 2010

A Spirit of Prophecy Seminar entitled “The Spirit of Prophecy Today” was a seminar designed especially for our church members and all the believers in the Advent message.  This seminar was held at Schofields Church for all the members in the Sydney and surrounding areas, Friday evening and Sabbath.  The meetings were taken by Brethren Peter Lausevic and Nathan Tyler.

The importance of having a present-day prophet was highlighted. Throughout this world’s history, going right back from the writers of the Bible up to the time of E. G. White, God spoke to His faithful servants to reveal the truth needed for the time.  Proverbs 29:18 first part: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

It was also brought out how a prophet can be tested whether they are a true prophet or not.

Ellen G. White wrote in Testimonies Vol. 4, p. 229: “My work…bears the stamp of God or the stamp of the enemy. There is no halfway work in the matter. The testimonies are of the Spirit of God, or of the devil.”

Meeting titles were:

Friday evening: “Test of a True Prophet”

Sabbath Divine Service: “Last Day Prophecies: Are You Ready?”

Sabbath afternoon: “The Omega of Apostasy” and “I Would Be Like Jesus”

We are blessed to have so much revealed by God through His prophets especially during these last days of this earth’s history—may we appreciate the truths that have been given to us.