Queensland Floods: An Ongoing Crisis

Queensland Floods: An Ongoing Crisis

Floods Escalate

This week in Queensland, the flood situation has gone from bad to worse. The capital city of Brisbane and nearby Ipswich are bracing for unprecedented flooding. The latest floods have claimed at least 10 lives, with a further 90 persons still reported missing.

Hundreds of people were evacuated last night, with about one-third of the city of Ipswich expected to go under water today. Brisbane is expecting the worst on Thursday (it “will be devastating” in the words of the Lord Mayor). The flood peak is predicted to exceed the level of the historic levels reached in the flood of 1974.  About 30,000 people will be affected in Brisbane and 9,000 homes are expected to sustain flood damage.

Earlier this week the mountaintop city of Toowoomba was hit with flash flooding after intense rainstorm activity. A number of people died in the ensuing torrent, which caught the town by surprise.

So far there is no further news on Rockhampton or Bundaberg.

SDARM Members Affected

We have one member living on the outskirts of Toowoomba, who is reported to be fine. There is also one family on the outskirts of Brisbane who is cut off from access to town, but all is well so far.

The family of minister and Queensland Field leader Paul Chapman received an order this morning from the SES to evacuate saying a flash flood is coming.  However, no safer place was indicated, and access to higher ground was limited, so they have stayed put for now. Br. Chapman remarked that there is “a few inches of water at the front and back doors and the yards are like a sponge.  At one stage the rate of rainfall was 115 mm (4.5 inches) per hour.”

Other members living in coastal areas north of Brisbane have been affected by rising waters on their properties, but at this stage their houses have not been flooded. One couple posted dramatic river flood photos via facebook, showing their garden shed flooded and the edge of the water just steps away from the back door. Another family posted photos of flash flooding lapping at a doorway.

We have no members living in the suburbs that will be affected by the Brisbane River flooding expected on Thursday.

We solicit the prayers of our brethren and sisters that God’s merciful hand will be over the people of Queensland, many of whom must still hear the message of present truth.

Joe Voncina,
AUC Secretary