Maranatha Church Building Project

Maranatha Church Building Project

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Due to the growth in membership our brethren in Melbourne are working towards establishing a second house of worship in Victoria. Having already organised as the Maranatha Church, they recently purchased a block of land on which to build. The land is in a prime location, just off the Hume Freeway north of Melbourne.

By God’s grace most of the money to purchase the property was raised in local donations, and a loan was taken for the remainder. The church has appointed a building committee to consider proposals and draw up plans for approval by the membership. This work is currently being done, with a view to submitting plans to Council as soon as possible.

In October this year, Sabbath school members from around the world will collect a special offering for the Maranatha church building project. Members across our own Union are encouraged to give generously. You may donate immediately through your local church to help pay down the property loan, and you will also have the opportunity to give sacrificially when the special Sabbath school offering is collected.

Let us unite to rise and build another lighthouse for the Lord in the city of Melbourne.