Testimony Reading Plan – Highlights

Testimony Reading Plan – Highlights

For those that may not be yet aware, at the AUC Delegation Session, 27-29 December 2010, a “Testimony Reading Plan” was recommended to be promoted across the Australasian Union. You can find out more information, plus download a calendar of the plan in PDF or for your electronic calendaring software at https://www.sdarm.org.au/readingplan

Highlights from your readings can be shared on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TestimonyReadingPlan

Here are a few excerpts from the Facebook page’s Wall:


Noted From the reading for March 23: "God is bringing out a people and preparing them to stand as one, united, to speak the same things, and thus carry out the prayer of Christ for His disciples." [1T 417]


Facebook Member: “We are really enjoying reading through the Testimonies! I encourage everyone to start following the plan. It really doesn't take long to read 5 pages a day, and the best thing is that it has been such a great blessing to us so far! We are really learning a lot as we read it everyday. Thank you for putting the plan together! It's also encouraging that so many of us are reading it together… its really nice to share different things that we found interesting with others and vice versa :)”


Noted From the reading for March 16: "The reason why there is so little of the Spirit of God manifested is that ministers learn to do without it." [1T 383]