Special Appeal – Vanuatu Building Project

Special Appeal – Vanuatu Building Project

12 April 2011

To All Members and Friends of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement

RE: SPECIAL APPEAL for Church Building Funds on Malakula Island, Vanuatu


In the early 1800’s in the city of Boston USA lived a very young man. There also lived in that city a Minister of the Gospel whose congregation exceeded the size of the little church building he preached in. It was resolved to build a new larger building. Meeting after meeting was held, but the prospects were not bright, and various circumstances led the hopeful to be discouraged. They were ready to abandon the enterprise.


One night a meeting was held which broke up without decisive action; but the very next morning the pastor’s doorbell rang very early. The door was opened and the servant asked what he wanted. “I want to see Dr. S.” answered the boy.


Presently the pastor came to the door of the house and found there a little fellow with a wheel-barrow, three times as large as the boy, containing two bricks, with which he had  brought to build the new church with.


The pastor put on his hat and walked out in the street saying to one and another, as he met them, “The church will be built. The first load of bricks is already on the ground.” The people took courage as the story was told and went forward. It was a little thing for that boy to trundle the wheel-barrow, and carry his two bricks to build the church; but who will say that the great God, who chooses the weak things of this world for his own glory, was not honoured by that trifling act?


How few there are who would have been willing to do so small a thing as that, and yet, as the widow, who brought her two mites to the treasury,’ cast in more than they all,’ so, without doubt those two bricks, brought by the little boy, were of more real service in the building of that church than any other gift bestowed. Condensed from Gems of Song & Story p. 67


Malakula Island in Vanuatu is in urgent need of building funds. A budget of $15,000 AUD is set but the funds are needed to start and complete this new church building. The welfare Department is organizing a Fly and Build programme in June 2011 to build this church building and we are going forward like this little boy who brought his two bricks. All are welcome to come and join us in this project. If you feel that you cannot come than please feel blessed by helping raise the funds to buy building materials for this church.

All donations are accepted and if you do not have the funds now please pledge according to your means. Please give generously to this building project.


On behalf of the AUC Welfare Department


John Lausevic