Coleambally NSW Outreach Meetings

Coleambally NSW Outreach Meetings

Coleambally Outreach

The Following Report was received from one of our young people, Sam Wiseman, two weeks ago:

“Bro Alasdair Pow has just started a Prophecy Seminar here in Coleambally. In the first meeting, entitled The Time is Fulfilled, we had one new lady come plus the majority of our local church members which was great. In this meeting Bro Alasdair proved from the Bible and non-Biblical history the year, month, day and hour that Jesus Christ, as the Messiah, came. The meeting was recorded on video by the church’s video camera, which I have been operating lately. So by midnight I had a master copy of the meeting. The next morning Bro Luke Kneebone, Bro Alasdair Pow, Bro Jonathan Lang, and myself all met at Uranquinty to start burning copies of the first meeting to send out to all the community of Coleambally. Bro Luke had come across from Sydney and had brought the mass DVD copier which does 11 DVDs in 7 minutes. At first it would not work, but after a few phone calls to Sis Tabitha at the Sydney office, Bro Luke was able to get it working. With help from two of Bro Alasdair’s computers and Bro Jonathan’s two burners as well as my computer we had all the burning done by 5:00 pm. The printing took an extra 1 ½ hrs, so by the end of the day, by the grace of God, we had accomplished something that would have taken three days and a lot of money if we had taken it to a technology business. The next day my mum took the DVDs to the post office and the whole 450 of them were posted that day. By the grace of God, His work will be moved forward by the use of these DVDs. Many thanks to all who helped in this endeavour.” Sam Wiseman

Editor’s Note: There are two more nights to go at time of preparing this edition of GT E-News. Four visitors have attended the meetings and at the moment there is one soul who has been attending every meeting. The brethren pray that more souls will respond to the request to order the full set of DVD recordings of the meetings. The next outreach of our Uranquinty church community is planned for Narrandera, NSW. Please keep these outreach projects in your prayers.