Elim Health Medical Missionary School 2012 – Commencement

Elim Health Medical Missionary School 2012 – Commencement


Elim Health Medical Missionary School commenced its first training program on the 2nd July 2012 at Elim heights campground. There were nine students enrolled in the one year distance education course where the basics of natural medicine will be studied. The first semester covers the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology. The students were given a series of lectures by Br Alasdair Pow based upon their textbooks on the human organism and the skeletal system. They will continue during the next four months to study into the eleven organ systems that make up the human organism. In November they will sit a three hour closed book examination, as part of the nationally accredited assessment for this unit of the course.

The students were also given some theoretical and practical demonstrations in foot relaxation techniques and remedial massage by Sisters Susan Lausevic and Tanya Gordon respectively. In order to better understand the practical nature of remedial massage, Sr. Tanya challenged the students with two assessments covering the theory of massage including ethics and practice, as well as the anatomy of the body. Students were required to identify the major muscles and bones of the skeletal system as they related to massage practice. All students were given an opportunity to practice upon each other the techniques taught.

Br Britain conducted a series of lectures on the basis for medical missionary endeavour. The lectures highlighted the importance of combining the gospel message with the health message, and how it can prove a blessing towards humanity when conducted aright.

The weather was rather cold in the mornings and evenings but the middle of day were a bit warmer. Sisters Danica Tyler, Fulga Batger and Anda were in charge of providing the students meals with some other sisters helping out also. Br Geoff McCutcheon proved a great help by transporting many people and materials back and forth to the camp ground and airports. The week was enjoyed by all and will be followed up by the next training session in the beginning of November where the students will be learning the fundamentals of Human Nutrition.