Papua New Guinea Teacher’s Training Seminar

Papua New Guinea Teacher’s Training Seminar




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From the 16-20 September, 2012, a Teacher’s Training Seminar was held in Papua New Guinea Mission Field. The seminar was a further step in the preparation of Teachers for the first three Christian day schools set to commence operations in February next year.

We have been blessed by the support of “Christian Light Publications”, suppliers of “Christian Light Education” (CLE) curricula materials. Elmer Glick, a trainer from the USA, and Jason Kauffmann, the CLP representative in Australia, delivered the training over an intensive 3 day period. Our brethren in PNG who attended the training gave a very positive report of the seminar.

Initially 10 Trainees were expected. However, over 30 attended the course. Trainees are now preparing for their tests, and upon successful completion, will form the initial pool of teachers. While not all who attended will be selected as teachers, all have been encouraged by the training given.

Plans are now in place to deliver diagnostic testing to the first intake of students in preparation for classes next year.

Please keep this project in your prayers.

—AUC Education Department

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