Alive & Kicking – AUC Health Department Camp Meeting

Alive & Kicking – AUC Health Department Camp Meeting


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The recent camp meeting, Alive and Kicking, was held at Elim Heights on December 25-29th. This camp was run by the Health Department of the Australasian Union Conference. Naturally the focus during this time was the subject of healthy living, both physically and spiritually, and some of the ways in which this can be accomplished. Each morning there were a couple of groups for the early morning exercises, followed by worship and breakfast to start the day.

We then separated into the different lectures and activities provided for the various age groups. While some learned about the importance of routine and exercise etc., others were learning natural first aid or attending a cook-off, where our enthusiastic young cooks had to come up with innovative and healthy ways to cook the different ingredients they were given without a recipe. This took imagination, cooperation and team effort to prepare the tasty looking dishes displayed in an attractive way.  Each group had a judge who gave points for such things as hygiene, how well everyone worked together, efficiency and the healthfulness of the dish – they lost points for frying.

We had quite a few young babies and toddlers in the children’s room, where they were provided with colourful and educational playthings to entertain them, giving the mothers time to catch up and the little ones time to be introduced and interact with each other. We hope it is one of many camps for these children who are being brought up for the Lord.

The 4-8 year olds were told stories, taken for walks and given activities suitable for their ages. They enjoyed being together to learn more about Jesus and have fun too.

The 9-15 year olds painted some canvases on our theme of health including Water, Fresh Air, Sunshine & Trust in God. They were also taught about some of the natural remedies covering healing plants and ways to use them, and poultices and how to apply them. They did some outdoor activities teaching the concept of working together and of course their own cook-off, which was a lot of fun for them.

The adults —young and old —attended lectures, learning more about our bodies and health followed by discussion groups, which were interesting and informative. We were able to share different ways in which we can accomplish having healthy, active minds and bodies and also discuss ways in which to have a closer relationship with Jesus so that we can share it with our families.

Not only were we able to enjoy the meetings, but Luke Kneebone with a group of helpers, videoed all the meetings. They are available for a donation to anyone who would like to order and enjoy the presentations that were given. Most of these DVDs were available by Sabbath evening so those leaving camp could take them home.  It was a big job and I’m sure the DVDs will be appreciated by all those who would have liked to attend, but couldn’t. They can now see the meetings at home.

Sabbath morning dawned a beautiful warm day and after morning worship and breakfast we joined our various age groups to study the lesson for Sabbath School. Peter Lausevic then took the Divine Service “Alive & Kicking for Jesus” followed by a delicious lunch.  In the afternoon Young People’s Meeting we enjoyed quite a number of items presented by Young and Old followed by “Family/Nature Walk Time” where we all enjoyed spending time together in nature.

The camp came to a close with the evening meeting to close Sabbath after which we were favoured with a special item by a sister from Germany. She played the harp and sang in Romanian and, after being requested for more, sang a couple more items in Romanian and German. It was very beautiful, and we praise the Lord for all the blessings gained in experiencing another special time of camp fellowship.

Submitted by Esther Wiseman

—selected from The Pioneer, Vol. 3, Issue 1