Rockhampton Concert August 2012

Rockhampton Concert August 2012

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The following report was received from Benjamin Fuenzalida, a member of the QLD Conference Young People’s Department.

Rocky concert, 11:00am 24th August, 2012

Since the Rockhampton prophecy seminars in June 2012, Annette, the manager of Bauhinia House (where the seminars where held) had known about the musical talents God has blessed our youth with. As she was organising a luncheon concert for the Senior Citizens Club, she asked John Araya if he could arrange for some of our youth to play and sing for the older generation – a form of ‘Thank you for shaping our community’ performance.

Br John Araya and his wife Sr Rachel were able to round up a few of our musicians across Queensland: Letilda, Sienna and Elouise Wynne (vocals), Br Amos Thiel (vocals, hand-flute), as well as Jamie, Jo, Gracie and Sophie Squires (piano, vocals). However, the Squires were unable to attend, so my brother Jonatan and I (vocals, guitar) were asked if we’d be able to participate. Then God blessed our group with the addition of two more vocalists – Br Juan Ricardo Amaya and Alicia Lee-Long (my older sister).

The concert began with an introduction by the MC, who sang a few songs from the 1950’s. Then we were presented: they named us ‘A New Sound.’ From their initial reaction, it was evident that they appreciated the songs we performed. Many from the audience sang along to the Wynne girl’s duet of When a Child is Born. When Br Amos, Jonatan and I performed You Are My Hiding Place on guitars and hand-flute, we received “MORE! MORE!” chants from the ladies – they really appreciated Br Amos’ hand flute!

There was one song, however, in which God’s hand was manifested in a marked way. It was one of our last, sung by all – Ancient Words. For some reason our vocals began clashing with the D major guitar accompaniment. I didn’t know what to do! I began playing louder into the microphone, which only made it worse because it confused the rest of the singers. Then God reminded me that I could change the key to harmonise with the vocals, so I listened carefully for the key and continued playing in D# major. The song ended harmoniously, and nobody in the audience noticed what had happened (Johnny’s feedback J).

The glory of it all goes to God. Through His blessing I believe our part in the concert went really well – we’d only had that same morning as a whole group to practice together, and any accidents onstage weren’t noted. The most amazing thing of all is that afterwards, many people asked Br John Araya if our group could perform for their own events. It all just goes to show that if you, reader, completely trust that God’s will be done, He will bless your efforts in the most beautiful of ways.

I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” – Philippians 4:13

May you be inspired by our testimony and blessed by God’s love!

—Benjamin Fuenzalida

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