Latest News (Page 32)

Latest News (Page 32)

News from around the Australasian Union Conference. Also visit the Good Tidings News page for downloadable back issues.

AUC Workers & Workers’ Wives Seminar 2009

Workers & Worker’s Wives Seminar 29th January – 11 February 2009  REPORT ON BIBLE WORKER’S AND BIBLE WORKER’S WIVES SEMINAR From 29 January – 11 February 2009 most of the Bible workers for the Australasian Region along with their wives attended a seminar with a difference.  This was the first time in many years that the meetings included subjects relevant to both the workers and their wives. Pertinent subjects like growing a strong church, hospitality on a budget, relationships, managing…

Missionary Training Program 2008

Full Report Reports from Students: Br Amos Thiel Question: Please share one of your impressive experiences from the Missionary Training Program. Answer: As a student at the Missionary Training Program, there was one thing that I noticed happening over and over, something that I call divine appointments. This I find to be the most encouraging and exciting thing to see that God is working and you have the privilege of cooperating with Him. Let me give you an example. It was…