The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project

Preparing the Shoeboxes

The Shoe Box Project

In the midst of all the disasters happening around the world, we decided to help one of our churches in the Philippines, by creating a small project called “The Shoe Box Project.” This started among the churches in Queensland.

The Need

Br. Randy Acquiatan was in touch with a local church directly, and inquired what their needs were. They responded by sending us photos of 18 children that needed our help, ages ranging from 4-16 years old.

When I saw the photos, my heart was filled with joy at the thought that we could gift them with a few necessary items. And so, we started the shoe box project.

We packed a box of essential items for each of these children, and gathered donations that will be distributed according to their needs by the local church. Each shoe box contained a pair of shoes, a pencil case and stationery, care products (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc), and children’s story books or a devotional book.

Local distribution

Donations will be distributed by members of the local church, and the way they handle means can be compared to the way the early church distributed resources. They analyse the needs of families and share according to need. The boxes will have the name of each child and will be given directly to them.

How are the items being sent?

It is possible to send tea chest sized boxes to the Philippines fairly inexpensively. We packed and sent a box to the Philippines from Queensland, which recently went on its way with the items donated for the dear children.

How do I donate for future shipments?

Even though we completed the project, we decided to extend it to other local churches whose children are also in need.

Some brethren here in Queensland have provided what we can, but it is a big task for us and, we ask your help to fill these boxes and provide hope and love to these sons and daughters of God.

We have a spreadsheet of items that have already been donated, and we can help guide you in what items will be suitable. If you would like to get involved in sending items in future shipments, please contact me on 0430 942 622.

The cost for each child is $40.00. The freight cost for each shipment is $140.00 (around the size of a tea chest). Any donation helps!

You can donate via the Queensland Field:

  • Name: SDARM Queensland
  • BSB: 034-060
  • Account Number: 153733
  • Memo: Shoe Box Project

May the Lord bless you richly,

Sister Monica Balarezo
Missionary Leader for QLD Conference