Western Australia Field Conference 2009

Western Australia Field Conference 2009















Camp Logue Brook

The start to this year's WA Field Conference Camp, held on 11th – 13th of September at Camp Logue Brook, Harvey, was a cold and very wet one. With rain drenching the ground, the skipping of puddles and the use of umbrellas was definitely called for, but the spirits of those who attended the camp were far from dampened, and rich blessings were enjoyed by all.

Every meeting reflected the theme title of our camp "What Jesus Said" and each was memorable. It was inspiring to cover such topics as "His Word Is", "His Word in Types and Symbols", "The Word Fulfilled" which was extremely interesting, "What Jesus Said", "Prayer is the Key" and "This too Shall Pass", all pointing to our beautiful Saviour, showing us from the scriptures how exacting in their fulfillment Jesus' words are, revealing also the absolute reliability in what Jesus had to say.

The fellowship, when coming together as one big family of brothers and sisters in the faith is always special and this year's camp was no exception, giving us a little taste of the harmony we shall enjoy in Heaven. Another small taste of heaven was the magnificent views from our camp site, looking down on rolling glades and hill tops high, also the delight of the children as they enjoyed time together.

Our field camp this year was a short one and Sunday came around all too fast, but it was a drier day and canoeing after lunch was on the agenda. This event was enjoyed by the young and perhaps some not quite so young. A drier day it may have been but that did not stop the children from coming back wet, what is a camp without the fun and the wonderful memories that are taken with us into the future.

Written by: Robyn S Barber