Solomon Islands – February 2012 Visit

Solomon Islands – February 2012 Visit











The following news was received from Br Csongor Matyas, SA Field Leader, who assisted the AUC by accompanying Br Brian Jaksic last February on a pioneering trip to the growing interests in Solomon Islands.

“In February 2012 Br Jaksic and I spent 12 days visiting and encouraging the growing little church in Solomon Islands. Despite the hot and humid weather we had a wonderful time fellowshipping with the brethren. During our stay Br Jaksic and myself presented a series of studies in the evenings with very good attendance. Some evenings the church was so full that people were sitting outside and listening. There were a lot of questions that by the grace of God we were able to answer. Solomon Islands has a great number of SDA membership and common questions are around vegetarianism, participating in politics, the sealing, the investigative judgment etc.

“There was an ordination of an elder,  Br Kuki, who is currently the church leader,. He was ordained on the same Sabbath that two brethren took their stand on the truth through baptism. This takes our current membership to 23. Many more requested studies, especially from the youth, who are the driving force in the area—the missionary army that carries the wonderful message of salvation from village to village. In the last part of July and the beginning of August there will be an Evangelistic outreach in the island of Gela where there are a great number of interests already studying our Sabbath school lessons. The time Br Jaksic and I spent there went by so quickly. Before we knew it,  the time had arrived that we needed to travel home. The day before we left, the brethren from Binu church came and visited us. We had a wonderful time encouraging each other while sharing our precious experiences with the Lord. Let us all pray for the work in these new mission fields that the Lord may send means and also workers that will carry the message of salvation to many hungering souls for the truth.

“Your Brother in Christ

“Csongor Matyas”