New Media Website: RainDrops Christian Media Library

New Media Website: RainDrops Christian Media Library


Guildford Church Media Ministry has setup a new media website for hosting sermon videos and other Christian media content. The media website is named after the ministry’s name, ‘RainDrops’. You can check it out at

RainDrops Media Ministry adopted its name in 2012 as an expression of the members’ desire to be part of the action under the Latter Rain experience. Since 2011, the production of DVDs has been its main object. The DVDs are still being bought by local members and used as missionary tools on a weekly basis. 

The ministry sprung up in mid-1990 when Brother Matthias Thiel and his wife Sister Lizzy Thiel commenced the media work recording sermons onto cassette tapes and then copying them utilizing a high speed cassette copier. Since that time, the ministry has always existed as a branch department of Guildford Church and has utilised various developments in terms of technology over the years.

Today, recording of sermons is done using digital cameras, a live mixing computer system, video production software and a DVD duplicator. The media ministry is currently directed by Sr. Elizabeth Slade and has seven volunteers each involved in various roles from book keeping through to camera work, software use and DVD production. Ongoing training sessions are also part of the ministry’s aims both for technical production training and speaker training.

The development of a responsive WordPress based website to host recordings on is the latest addition to the ministry’s projects. The responsive nature of the website enables it to be viewed easily on any size screen from smartphones to tablet screens to large computer screens.

A live streaming page will enable viewers at home to watch a fully mixed live stream of the sermon in Guildford broadcasted every week. We hope that over time, other churches will join us in live streaming. May God bless this ministry.

—Gerson Robles

RainDrops Media Ministry