Missionary Outreach – Schofields Church NSW

Missionary Outreach – Schofields Church NSW

Missionary Outreach – Adventist Aged Care – Kings Langley Village

Praise the Lord for our last opportunity in 2014 to praise His name in song, instruments, poems, and words of encouragement.  The importance of not forgetting Christ at this time of the year was the theme of the outreach presentation at the Kings Langley Adventist Retirement Village.

Adventist Retirement Village__Kings Langley__2 Aug 2014

Schofields’ church singers sang, ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’ and ‘While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks’, and many nursing home residents joined in with singing along and playing the harmonica. Focus singers praised the Lord with, ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’, ‘Holy Holy Holy’, and ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’. Poems were shared by both Maryanne Stoyko and Harry Wily, entitled ‘Don’t Forget Jesus’ and ‘The Lord’s Light Within’. ‘Silent Night’ was played on the guitars and sung by Abraham and Alyssia, and then all sang together for the final verse.  A surprise clarinet item was prepared by Cameron and Alyssia, ‘In His Time’. Special items by the men, ‘If That Isn’t Love’, and ladies, ‘Now Dear Lord as We Pray’, were presented and much enjoyed by the residents and guests of the nursing home.

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Every opportunity was taken to join in with favourites from the songbook. In closing, we were all thanked by the nursing home organiser for sharing the past year with them on different occasions and were invited to come back for their Sabbath service and afternoon presentations again in 2015.

We pray that the nursing home residents may have a deeper understanding of what the birth of Jesus really meant.

~ Reported by Kiara-Shaye Hake

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