Busy-Bee – Elim Heights Youth Camp

Busy-Bee – Elim Heights Youth Camp

1 February 2015

The verse “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might” Ecclesiastes 9:10 first part, was certainly taken seriously by those who were at the last busy-bee held at Elim Heights Youth Camp.

Some people stayed overnight after the usual 5th Sabbath combined meetings at Elim Heights for an early start to the busy-bee planned for Sunday morning the 1st of February.  Those who went home Sabbath afternoon returned early in the morning to join the working team.

A list of ‘to be done jobs’ was given out; so much was achieved in a short time.  Brother Amos Thiel and Sr Elaine Weymark spent the morning remodeling the garden, Brother Robin Gordon had the men busy doing concreting and the ladies worked in the kitchen cleaning the cupboards, sorting through utensils, plates, cups, glasses etc… discarding anything that was rusty, cracked or broken.  It was lovely to see the cupboards clean and in order once again.

‘Many hands make light work’ and because of that, the work that was planned for the whole day was completed by lunchtime.  Some chose to stay back for a combined lunch while others went home with an early mark!

We send a huge ‘thank you’ to each one who sacrificed and took time out to help improve our campground, making the place even more pleasant and beautiful.

~ Lidia Voncina