Fountainview DVD’s  Music!


The age-old gift that lifts our spirits and makes us happy! Add to this the beauty of nature—the grandeur of Canada’s mountains in a backdrop of fall colours, and more. Hear these smiling, talented young people as they share from their own hearts, with their host, Mike Lemon, about their passion—God. Follow these young people in music and inspiration as they tackle some of life’s toughest questions in this first episode of God So Loved the World.


Spring! That time when EVERYTHING comes to life!  Hear it in the drip of the first melting ice, the silent opening blossoms—in thrilling strains of music and in the orchestra’s thunder—the tune of a storm!  But there’s more—hear these smiling young people step out from behind their instruments and speak of their Friend, God.  Join them in music—join them as they share with their host, Mike Lemon, the exciting news of spring–the new life that God promises us all.


Summer is the warmest of the four seasons and one of our favourite times of the year. We spend more time outdoors, energized by warmth of the sun, taking it all in.  The Bible tells us of a “Christian summer”, when there will be no more sin and suffering and we will enjoy endless days in the presence of our Creator. Summer, the fourth and final part of the God So Loved The World series, focuses on the Biblical themes of the second coming, the resurrection of the dead, facing our life’s record, the millennium, and the promise of eternal life with our Saviour and Friend, Jesus.  As you listen to the music and the stories, filmed in the beauty and warmth of summer, it is our prayer that your own heart will be warmed by the promises of God.


Inspired by the Reformation, this DVD production is a musical and historical journey through Europe. “It Is Written’s” John Bradshaw joins Fountainview Academy to host The Great Controversy, filmed in five different countries of Europe at historically meaningful sites. These young musicians share not only music, but personal testimonies and powerful reformation stories, still relevant to our lives today.

Great Controversy

What drove the legendary reformers such as Luther, Huss, and so many more, to sacrifice so much, giving up even their lives? Could they see the far-reaching impact of their actions? Do you ever wonder if you have a part to play in this drama? See the powerful victories that these faithful warriors gained by simple faith and firm reliance upon God and the truths of His Word. Find the strength that brought them peace even in the face of death itself. Know that the same victory they each claimed can be ours too!



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