AUC Health Department Website

AUC Health Department Website

We are really happy to advertise our Health Department Website which you can find at

We envision the website to be a source of good information and resources for the public and church members alike, especially for those who are making the change from a Meat Diet to a Vegetarian Diet.  We also envision the website to be a place to advertise any health events that are going on in our fields and conferences around Australia and also to see reports on past health events that have taken place.

If you have a health event that is being planned in your area, please email Catherine Robles on to advise her of the event, the date, time, venue and a small write up about the event.  You can also refer to the website when giving your health talks.

Book Store

You are able to purchase certain books through the website, although we only have a few books advertised as we are trialling this method of advertisement to see if it is successful.


Recipes from different cooking demonstrations around Australia have been uploaded on the website and are available to print. If you would like to have recipes or information available from a particular event that you have hosted, please email them to Catherine Robles.

Future Visions

The Union Health Department hopes to have a health correspondence course accessible on the website as soon as possible.  We will keep you updated with further information on this.  We also intend to upload more media of health talks and seminars as they are available.