Skype Conference – AUC Workers

Skype Conference – AUC Workers

Virtual Prayer Breakfast

For the very first time in the history of the Australasian Union Conference (AUC) of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement (SDARM), on Wednesday 25th March 2015, all the AUC workers were blest to hold a conference call together on Skype.  Each was able to share the progress of the work within their fields and also gain strength and ideas from other workers.  Sharing experiences, encouragement, and discussion about the progress of the work as well as prayers together in a group was a very precious experience had by all.

During this meeting on Skype, some of the workers shared that they have been sincerely praying and fasting for God to lead them to souls that are hungry for the truth, to give them some contacts; but unbeknown to them God already had a plan in answering their petition, and their prayers were answered immediately.  A number of visitors attended church on Sabbath, and they felt strengthened knowing that when we ask God, He will always answer.  There have been awakenings in many of the fields.  We thank God for a number of baptisms which have been held in different places.  Many are renewing their commitment with the Lord, and many are showing interest in the truth.

Conference calls such as this are planned to take place once a month.  Let us all pray and work together for the advancement of the work while there is still time and freedom in this country.  We have a daily battle, but God promises us victory!  Let us move forward with God’s help! Please keep praying for our Bible workers and the work entrusted to them, as they are also targeted by the enemy continually.

“’We are laborers together with God.’ Christ is the head of the church on earth, and he requires that every one who believes in him as the Redeemer, shall surrender himself to obey his word, to love God supremely, and to love as Christ loved those who are perishing in sin. In every church there should be men who will set in operation missionary efforts, and teach the workers how to exercise tact, and how to carry out the best missionary methods. There should be many workers in every city, and laborers sent to every possible field. We have the promise of the Creator of all worlds, the promise of him who has all power at his command in heaven and earth, that he will be with us, and will work with the living, working church on earth. He appoints angels to cooperate with human agencies in advancing his work for the saving of perishing souls. All heaven is employed in ministering to the heirs of salvation, imparting the renewing power of the Holy Spirit to those who shall work for the salvation of souls.”  The Youth’s Instructor, November 7, 1895.