Baptism – Jessica Walkom

Baptism – Jessica Walkom

11 April 2015

On Sabbath 11th April 2015, friends and family gathered from NSW and Victoria to celebrate Jessica Walkom’s decision to follow her Lord in baptism. Sabbath morning found approximately 100 people gathered at the Bannister Hall to witness her baptism.  It was wonderful to see the outpouring of love and encouragement offered to Jessica.  Bro Peter Lausevic preached a heart-reaching sermon on true conversion.  This was followed by a lovely fellowship lunch shared outdoors and very well coordinated by Jessica’s mother, Glenys.

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In the afternoon we all headed out to the Wollondilly River. Bro Nathan Tyler conducted the riverside service and baptism. It was wonderful to see the peace on Jessica’s face as she made her covenant with the Lord. For many of our young people that have grown up in the church, baptism and church membership is an encouraged step. However, Jessica has not had the advantage of regular fellowship with our church and has made the decision to be baptised and become a member of Christ’s body for herself.  I pray that God may give each of us the moral strength to stand for Him and His truth as Jessica has done in her life.

~ Submitted by Cherith Dammasch