Baptism – Manuel and Sarah Bellina – QLD

Baptism – Manuel and Sarah Bellina – QLD

Manuel and Sarah Bellina – 15 August 2015


On a beautiful sunny Sabbath, 15 August, Queensland brethren and friends from most of our groups gathered at the Sweeney Reserve at 2pm.  The North Pine River at Petrie is tidal, and so we had a very small window of opportunity before the tide turned.  Br Manuel and Sr Sarah Bellina had made the decision to join with the people of God through baptism.

The day started at Clayfield Church with Sabbath School as usual.  The first part of the Divine Service was the Profession of Faith.  After a very quick lunch, we adjourned to the river.  God blessed us with beautiful weather.  Brethren with their musical instruments provided melodies familiar to baptisms.

Sarah and Manuel Bellina__Qld Baptism

After the baptism we travelled to a hall close by for the Fellowship Meeting and after Sabbath a very delicious evening meal.  Everyone provided a plate of food.  Pumpkin soup and homemade dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, coconut pudding, cake, and fresh fruit made the meal.

We pray the Lord will bless and guide Br Manny and Sr Sarah in the future, and may we all be encouraged to endure to the end for the beautiful life Jesus is preparing for His faithful people.

~ Reported by Irene Wiseman