Canvassing Project in London

Canvassing Project in London

Canvassing project in Croydon, London

The 2015 London Project was a blessed endeavour. Though our numbers were few, God blessed our efforts. What made it so unique is that we as canvassers reached out to the community not just by the sharing of books, but also by reaching out to those who were seeking for truth through prayer and personal Bible study. The canvassers were able to share the love of Jesus with people in many ways. We were invited to people’s homes to give Bible studies and pray for them. It’s truly amazing the way God has blessed our work in London. Let us all pray for the seeds we have planted, that they may sprout and grow.


Above photo: Group of colporteurs in London – Left to right: Oliver, Rebeka, Kate, Wendy, Ana, Kevin and Leonardo. Behind Pastor Jorge Banfi.


~ Reported by Kevin Garbanzos