Cyclone Winston – Fiji Islands

Cyclone Winston – Fiji Islands

Re: Appeal letter for funds for emergency supplies due to cyclone Winston in Fiji

Dear Brethren and Friends in Australia and New Zealand, “Money has great value, because it can do great good. In the hands of God’s children it is food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, and clothing for the naked. It is a defense for the oppressed, and a means of help to the sick. But money is of no more value than sand, only as it is put to use in providing for the necessities of life, in blessing others, and advancing the cause of Christ.” Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 351.

Houses destroyed by Tropical Cyclone Winston in Rakiraki, Fiji. (ABC News_Brant Cumming)

Houses destroyed by Tropical Cyclone Winston in Rakiraki, Fiji

On Sabbath 20th of February you would have heard about cyclone Winston on the northern side of the Fiji Islands.  Cyclone Winston is one of the largest cyclones ever recorded in the South Pacific.  The islands have sustained extremely damaging winds and flooding which has caused extensive damage to housing, crops, infrastructure as well as injury and loss of life.  We would like to ask you all to keep the Fijian people in your prayers.  We are deeply saddened to receive the news that Br Filipe Seru, a church member who lived on the eastern side of the main island, passed away during the cyclone, and his wife sustained injuries when their house and many others in the village were totally destroyed by the storm.

The members in Suva area are safe and are rallying together to help those who are affected in the villages. Water, food, clothes, temporary shelter and cooking gas are the immediate needs and are being given out by our brethren there. But resources are limited, and financial assistance is needed to continue supply. We are still waiting for contact to be established in the Fijian highlands, and the brethren are doing all they can to travel there, hoping that they can get through the roads.  We will be updating you shortly when we have further information from our Fijian brethren.

In order to be able to help these dear souls at this time, we would need to raise a minimum of AU$10,000.00. We pray you find it in your hearts to give generously.  Thank you in advance for your prompt attention and your generous donation.

To donate please mention “Fiji Cyclone Relief” on your envelopes or direct deposit reference.

You can also call +61 2 9627 7553 for credit card payments or further assistance.

“Our money has not been given us that we might honor and glorify ourselves. As faithful stewards we are to use it for the honor and glory of God. Some think that only a portion of their means is the Lord’s. When they have set apart a portion for religious and charitable purposes, they regard the remainder as their own, to be used as they see fit. But in this they mistake. All we possess is the Lord’s, and we are accountable to Him for the use we make of it. In the use of every penny, it will be seen whether we love God supremely and our neighbor as ourselves.” Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 351.

Christian Blessings,

The Australian Welfare Department.

Photos taken from ABC News, Brant Cumming –