Visitors’ Day – Prospect NSW

Visitors’ Day – Prospect NSW

Samoan Group

Psalm 117:1,2 – “O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.”

Prospect Group had been anticipating the Visitors’ Sabbath for quite a few weeks as invitations went out to many friends and family and to anyone that was willing to come and spend the Sabbath with us. Sabbath, March 5th 2016, came around very quickly, and what a beautiful Sabbath it was.

Prospect visitors day__5 March 2016

Prospect Group set out with a goal in mind for each one of our regular attendees and members to have at least one visitor come along on Saturday, March the 5th. In our endeavor to reach this goal we knew that the devil would also work in trying to diminish our efforts. We invited so many, and we were happy to hear that many were willing to come and spend the Sabbath with us. But as the visitors Sabbath got closer, our visitors were also decreasing in numbers. We lifted our Sabbath plans to God in prayer, and the Lord came through as He always does.

From the start of Sabbath School, we had visitors right, left and centre. We had visitors that were from all walks of life: some were Adventists, two were young Mormons, and some even had stopped going to church altogether. Many young people also came who are trying to find their way to the foot of the cross. With rich studies from the Word of God that filled our morning services to a very filling lunch, we all had a splendid Sabbath of fellowship. Young People’s Meeting followed lunch with items of praise, experiences, quizzes and activities that both young and old were involved in. Prospect on average would have about 10-15 attendees on any given Sabbath, and at times even less. But on our Visitors’ Sabbath we counted a total of 32 visitors for the duration of the day plus our regulars.

We praise and thank the Lord for the wonderful Sabbath we had and the opportunities we had to meet new people and to share God’s amazing grace. The greatest thing that has come out of this Visitors’ Sabbath is that a few of the young people have become regulars at church each Sabbath and have now started Bible studies. We are now considering having a Visitors’ Sabbath at our Prospect Group once every three months, and we are already looking forward to the next one.

We pray that the Lord continues to bless the efforts of His work everywhere, that the seeds planted may grow and come to fruition and that it may be done all for the honour and glory of our Father in heaven.

~ Tanya Ah-ching