Prophecy Seminar – Sydney NSW

Prophecy Seminar – Sydney NSW

Unlocking Bible Prophecy__May 2016

Schofields – 20-29 May, 2016 – Unlocking Bible Prophecy

A Bible Prophecy Seminar was held at the Schofields Church function Hall over two weekends during May. The meetings started Friday night, May 20, and finished Sunday, May 29.

These meetings can be watched on YouTube on the following links:

Friday, 20th May, 7:30pm “Glory Laid In The Dust” by Br. Domenic Polistina.

Prophecy Seminar__Domenic _May 2016 (1)

Saturday, 21st May, 11:00am “Right On Schedule: The Coming Global Kingdom” by Br. Larry Ah-ching.

Saturday, 21st May, 2:00pm “Who Is The Man Of Sin? How Will This Affect Me?” by Br. Peter Lausevic.

Sunday, 22nd May, 5:00pm “The Time Of The Promise Revealed” by Br. Peter Lausevic.

Prophecy Seminar__Peter Lausevic__May 2016 (2)

Friday, 27th May, 7:30pm “Religious Freedom, America And You” “The Great American Dream” by Br. Peter Lausevic

Saturday, 28th May, 11:00am “The Final Call” by Br. Peter Lausevic

Saturday, 28th May, 2:00pm “What Christ Said About His Own Return” by Br. Larry Ah-ching.

Larry Ah-ching__2

Sunday, 29th May, 5:00pm “Preparing To Meet The King” by Br. Domenic Polistina

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