Wentworthville Cooking Class

Wentworthville Cooking Class

July 19 2016

On Tuesday night, July 19th Wentworthville Church held another cooking class in Wentworthville Community Centre, and the theme was, “Boosting the Immune System, the Vegetarian Way.”

We had over 20 people from the public attend our class which was great. Susan Lausevic did the health lecture, talking about the immune system and the various symptoms that are seen that tell us our immune system is either down or not running properly. She shared that when thinking about boosting the immune system, we should focus on the eliminatory organs such as the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, and of course… the colon! Even when we focus on just one of these organs we can feel a major difference in our health. We can help these organs through exercise, saunas, colonics, and other detox regimens to boost our immune system and feel great and avoid colds and flus all year around.

As our cooking classes are themed around parts of the body or diseases, we try and incorporate all the ingredients that are particularly good to our theme.


The foods demonstrated are as follows:

  • Susan Lausevic: Red Cabbage and Sprouted Lentil Salad
  • Stella Gules: Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Nadine Polistina: Curried Adzuki Beans
  • Nadine Polistina: Orange Delight

Our visitors really enjoyed all the dishes and expressed their gratitude. A couple of our contacts since starting our classes have moved out of Wentworthville, but since they are still on our contact list they still receive invitations to our classes and have requested us to send them the recipes that we demonstrate. Although one has moved to Orange, and another first moved to Canberra, but is now in Brisbane, the little church in Wentworthville is still making an impact in these people’s lives. So, reader, I encourage you, no matter where you are, or how limited you think you are, personally, or as a church, your influence can go far beyond what you can imagine.

“The life of Christ was an ever-widening, shoreless influence, an influence that bound Him to God and to whole human family. Through Christ, God has invested man with an influence that makes it impossible for him to live to himself. Individually we are connected with our fellow men, a part of God’s great whole, and we stand under mutual obligations. No man can be independent of his fellow men; for the well-being of each affects others. It is God’s purpose that each shall feel himself necessary to others’ welfare, and seek to promote their happiness.


“…This is a responsibility from which we cannot free ourselves. Our words, our acts, our dress, our deportment, even the expression of the countenance, has an influence. Upon the impression thus made there hang results for good or evil which no man can measure. Every impulse thus imparted is seed sown which will produce its harvest. It is a link in the long chain of human events, extending we know not whither. If by our example we aid others in the development of good principles, we give them power to do good. In their turn they exert the same influence upon others, and they upon still others. Thus by our unconscious influence thousands may be blessed.

“Throw a pebble into the lake, and a wave is formed; and another and another; and as they increase, the circle widens, until it reaches the very shore. So with our influence. Beyond our knowledge or control it tells upon others in blessing or in cursing.” Messages to Young People, pp. 417-418

I would like to thank, not only the cooks for their hard work, but all our helpers who were in the kitchen prepping and those who were serving as well.

Yours Sincerely,

Domenic Polistina