Cooking Classes – Melbourne Victoria

Cooking Classes – Melbourne Victoria

September 2016

The evening was well attended by people and friends from the local community and the many helping hands of church members. The ladies worked hard to keep up as Diana showcased how to make and cook “Vegetarian Laksa Soup”, “San Chou Bau”, “Okonomiyaki” and “Goji Berry Tea-rrific”.


While the cooking was going on, Brigita shared some great information about herbal teas. After Brigita gave a short presentation on gut bacteria, the dishes were laid out and the tasting began!

It was a wonderful evening; everybody was cheerful and friendly. Already some have been attending every demo from the start and are now bringing their families and they (as well as most people who came) declare they would be coming again for sure!

We’d like thank God for this great opportunity!

~ Adriana Stanciu