Melbourne Activity

Melbourne Activity

Mystery Box Cookoff

Ready… Steady… Cook!

The knives were out for our night of fun at the cook-off competition held on a Sabbath evening in September at Keilor Park church. Over 20 cooks (juniors, teenagers, adults) were divided into teams, of which each were to prepare a meal from a box of mystery ingredients! Every team had a different variety of ingredients to utilise, the rule being 70% of the box had to be used in the cooking. Everyone had a great time (especially the panel of judges who were obliged to taste every dish). The winning team was declared without (much) protest, and the food was eaten and enjoyed together.

It was a really good evening where we all could come together with some innocent fun and enjoy each other’s company… Some no doubt some are looking forward to a rematch!

Here are the dishes:
Junior Team: Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Team 1: Home Essentials
Team 2: Butter Cake
Team 3: Ratatouille a la Spiceturn
Team 4: The Apple of my Eye
Team 5: Longing for Egypt Pie

Above: Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Above: Home Essentials

Above: Butter Cake

Above: Ratatouille a la Spiceturn

Above: The Apple of my Eye

 Right: Longing for Egypt Pie

~ Reported by Adriana Stanciu