Wentworthville Cooking Demonstration

Wentworthville Cooking Demonstration

“Detoxing, the Vegetarian Way” – 13 September 2016


On Tuesday, September 13th, we held another cooking demonstration at Wentworthville Community Centre and chose the topic to suit the time of the year, ‘Detoxing, the Vegetarian Way’. We had fewer attendees than usual, but were still encouraged as there were a few new faces for the evening.

Domenic Polistina gave a health lecture about detoxing, the reason why we should do so regularly, the avenues through which the body detoxes and what nutrients are necessary for these processes. We were shown the need for a wide nutritious diet during the detox to supplement the body in its detoxing processes. We were also provided other activities to do while detoxing to aid the eliminatory organs like the lungs, bowel, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic system.

The cooks for the night were Susan Lausevic, Rosemary Voncina, and Nadine Polistina, with the much-needed help of our helpers in the kitchen, servers, and receptionists. Susan demonstrated her Green Energy Smoothie and a delicious Raw Zucchini Pasta with Raw Red Sauce. Rosemary demonstrated a Green Detox Drink and a Raw ‘Egg’ Salad that everyone loved. Nadine demonstrated a Raw Curry with Parsnip Rice (it tastes better than cauliflower rice) and Raw Carob Crackles. Everyone enjoyed the dishes and couldn’t believe how good they tasted while being raw.

We thank everyone who helped toward the evening and pray that these will be a blessing to the community and a step toward winning their trust and confidence.

Below is a basic 4-Day Detox that you can do as you get ready to spring clean! (You can do it for longer of course if you want)


4-Day Detox:

Start the day by having a glass of warm lemon water.

Then after that have a tea; maybe a dandelion root tea (it’s great for the liver, or purchase a ready-made ‘detox tea’ from http://eurekawellness.com.au/shop/detox/detox-tea/)


Have a Green Energy Smoothie for breakfast.

Or you can have a juice for something lighter; the following are instructions for a Basic Green Juice:
2 parts sweet juicy greens
Celery, cucumber, cos lettuce
1-part fruit
Apple, watermelon, pear, pineapple etc.
2/3-part dark leafy greens
Kale, spinach, collard greens, Chinese greens etc.
1/3-part herb
Mint, basil, coriander, parsley.

The smoothie should be enough to sustain you until lunch, and be sure not to snack unless it is necessary. If you are having a juice, it may be necessary to have a snack or another juice before lunch. The smoothie is preferable as it contains the fibre which acts like a broom in the intestines cleaning as well as giving tone to them.



For lunch have a raw meal. Use the recipes that you have, and grab an app on your phone or look online for the abundant raw recipes. Just make sure that they are not too complicated, as this is a detox and you want to eat as simple as possible with only a few options on your plate.


In the afternoon/evening finish the day on a vegetable juice. The traditional carrot, beetroot, apple, and celery is great for a detox, but feel free to look up more recipes.

Joe Cross’ website ‘www.rebootwithjoe.com’ has fantastic juice recipes categorized by colours. http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/weight-loss/plans/

If you are really hungry, then have a juice with only one or two varieties of fruit until you are satisfied. To help aid with the sugar hit that you find in juicing because of the lack of fibre, grind some seeds and mix them into the juice so that you are getting the goodness of the juice while still getting fibre and other important nutrients found in the seeds.

For two people, I would grind 1 tablespoon of whole sunflower seeds and 3 tablespoons of whole linseed. This combination tastes nice with most juices. Of course, you can alter this to how you prefer and with other seeds as well. Make sure that your body has at least 2 hours to digest before retiring for sleep. Try to have early nights, as this plays a huge part in the rejuvenation of your body. If your last juice/meal is by 6-6:30 pm the latest, then your body will have a huge fast of at least 12 hours through the night without you even trying.


Water intake:

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Because of the juices, smoothies, and raw food, you will naturally need less water than when you’re not detoxing, but you will still want to have around 2 litres a day.

During your regime for a more complete detox be sure to incorporate other principles dealing with the organs of elimination such as:


Deep breathing early in the morning to aid the elimination of toxins through the lungs. This process will even help purify the blood. It will also help give you a calmness for the day and increase the oxygenation of your blood. Also, make sure that when you work or sleep there is a good current of fresh air without giving you a chill.


Enemas or colonics

These greatly help the elimination of toxins through the bowel. The bowel is like the waste management of the body, and it is crucial to cleanse and maintain it for health and healing. It is good to take a good probiotic while doing this to replace good bacteria in the gut. You can also buy a ready-made herbal intestinal cleanse; usually it will come in a two-stage process. You can get a good one from eurekawellness.com


This naturally occurs within the detox regime with all the fluids you take in to help flush the kidneys and aid them in eliminating waste.


Try to have daily baths.

As water is placed on the skin, it enables the skin to throw off more poisons than it would otherwise do. Saunas are great for this too! They are also great for the lungs. You can find saunas in local swimming centres.


Light daily exercise is encouraged.

This can be done in the form of walking, gardening or rebounding.

Rebounding has the most profound effect on the lymphatic system, which is like the cellular waste management of the body. Rebounding significantly improves the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system thereby increasing the rate of elimination of waste matter.

~ Reported by Domenic Polistina