Australasian Union Conference Spiritual Camp 2016

Australasian Union Conference Spiritual Camp 2016

Elim Heights Youth Camp

28-31 December 2016

“Storm Anchors

Families, friends and believers gathered to welcome the presence of the Lord for this very special gathering. The program was launched with the opening meeting by Paul Chapman (newly elected President of AUC) – “When the Storm Winds Blow”.

The topics dwelt upon were a little unusual at this conference, in the sense that the organisers didn’t allocate them, but left it up to the speakers to share something that had been an “anchor” to their soul throughout the year. Amazingly the topics connected in a manner that perhaps could not have been better constructed. The titles of the meetings were:

  • When the Storm Winds Blow – Paul Chapman
  • Deliverance – Douglas Thirkettle
  • Is Your Life Jacket On? – Ben Thiel
  • Saved by Faith Alone – Luke Kneebone
  • The Plan That Changed Everything – Csongor Matyas
  • Heaven Begins Now – Nathan tyler
  • Dwell in the House of the Lord – Larry Ah-ching
  • The Patience of Job – Jacob De Souza
  • Christ Our High Priest – Gerson Robes
  • Evidences of Faith – Peter Lausevic
  • A Perfect Heart – Domenic Polistina
  • My Soul Anchor – Davi Paes Silva
  • Storm Anchors (Young People’s Meeting) – Csongor Matyas
  • Only Two Options – Luke Kneebone

We felt the Lord was speaking to us through the subjects presented. There was ongoing discussion throughout the camp upon the topics. Especially did the subject of justification by faith stir up an exchange of dialogue that we felt challenged us to a deeper understanding of this vital truth.

Simultaneously, there were children’s programs catering for children of different ages. Sisters Amy Gules and Lidia Voncina took the 0-3-year-olds, Sisters Diana Szabo and Catherine Robles took the 4-7-year-olds, and Brethren Gerson Robles and Luke Kneebone oversaw the 8-12-year-olds. It was wonderful to see such a large number of children present, about a quarter of the registrations were children under 12.

We are always very appreciative of our wonderful kitchen co-ordinators; this time being Sisters Esther Boje and Ecaterina Szabo, who have done a wonderful job in preparing delicious vegan meals. Also, Sister Esther Wiseman co-ordinated those with special dietary needs.

Many thanks is also extended to all those who had responsibilities and embraced them, doing such a wonderful job!

All meetings were recorded and are now available on DVD, including the Youth Meeting (2 DVD’s). Alternatively, the sermons can be viewed on our sermons website: The Youth Meeting can be obtained only by ordering the DVDs.

To order a set of DVDs of the meetings, please fill in an order form here, or contact the RLPA office on or (02) 9627 7553.

For your information, below is a list of the new officers for the Australasian Union Conference, who will be serving during this three-year’s term:

Australasian Union Conference Officers and Committees for 2017-2019
As elected by the Delegation Session (27 December 2016) and appointed by the Council (1 January 2017)

Offices and Special Committees  
President Paul Chapman
Vice President Nathan Tyler
Secretary / Treasurer Joe Voncina
Executive Committee Paul Chapman

Nathan Tyler

Joe Voncina

Ben Thiel

Madalin Duna

Jacques Payet

Danko Ilic

Council Executive Committee

Department Directors

Field Leaders

Finance Harold Kraus (chair)

Danko Ilic

Martin Staudinger

Auditor Mary Wiseman
General Conference Delegates Nathan Tyler

Csongor Matyas

General Conference Reserve Delegates Joe Voncina

Arnoldo Pedrosa

Luke Kneebone

Ministerial Committee P. Chapman (chair)

B. Thiel, A Pedrosa, N. Tyler, [TBC]

Bylaws Committee Paul Chapman (chair)

Ben Thiel

Gerson Robles


Departments and Institutions Director Committee members
Children’s Department Vesna Kraus TBC
Education Department TBC TBC
EHMC Robin Gordon TBC
Elim Health Store Elaine Weymark
Elim Missionary College Nathan Tyler Paul Chapman, TBC
Health Department Susan Lausevic Catherine Robles, Amos Thiel, Domenic Polistina, Monica Balarezo
Missionary Department Markus Staudinger Luke Kneebone, Craig Cunningham
RLPA / Media Department Gerson Robles RLPA: Joseph Kim, Vesna Kraus

Media:   Adriana Stanciu, Nathan Wiseman

Sabbath School Department Sam Batger Luke Philips, Nathan Tyler
Welfare Department John Lausevic TBC
Young People’s Department Madalin Duna Csongor Matyas, TBC


Publication & Media Teams  
Good Tidings eNews Editor: Paul Chapman

Associate Editor: Lidia Voncina

Publications and Media Review Committee TBC
Proofreaders TBC



Workers by Unit 

New South Wales Conference

  • L. Ah-ching
  • D. Balarezo
  • D. Polistina

Queensland Conference

  • J. De Souza
  • H. Kang
  • B. Thiel

Victoria-Tasmania Conference

  • M. Mendoza
  • D. Thirkettle
  • N. Tyler

South Australia Mission Field

  • C. Matyas

Western Australia Mission Field

  • L. Kneebone
  • G. Robles

New Zealand Mission Field

  • A. Pedrosa

AUC & Office Workers

  • P. Chapman
  • L. Thiel
  • J. Voncina
  • L. Voncina


Ministers and Elders

Ministers Elders
P. Chapman

J. Ciric

R. Dumaguit

B. Jaksic

H. Kang

A. Pedrosa

A. C. Sas

B. Thiel

N. Tyler

L. Ah-ching

A. Ilic (Snr)

C. Matyas

G. McCutcheon

G. McMahon

J. Newman

J. Payet

G. Robles

L. Kneebone


~ Reported by Gerson Robles & Lidia Voncina