Pre-Conference Camp Preparations

Pre-Conference Camp Preparations

Elim Heights Youth Camp

Many come from all over Australia, also from overseas to enjoy the wonderful benefits that Elim Heights Youth Camp offers during camp times. Prior to camps being held, much work and preparation is done by a number of people who love this wonderful place.

Sister Elaine Weymark is one of these special people who love being at Elim Heights and wants to see that each one who comes to camp is comfortable and well catered for. Being 86-years-young does not deter her from any hard work. She spends many days each month in painting, cleaning, gardening and repairing the camp grounds. Elaine has a very special place in her heart for the youth and for the youth camp, thus running the Elim Health Store on a voluntary basis so that proceeds from the sales can benefit the youth camp, while also liberally donating finances herself towards the improvements made.  All exercise equipment has been donated by a number of people.

Caretaker, Brother Robin Gordon, also works awfully hard each day, not only thinking of ways how to improve things around the campground, but working extremely hard with his hands in creating such a beautiful place we can all enjoy when we come to the campground.

Many come from time to time, giving a helping hand when specific projects are being done; so thank you to all of you. If you cannot offer your hands in service or give of your finances, then you can pray that this will be a place where many souls will find their Saviour.

A huge thank you to Brother Robin Gordon and Sister Elaine Weymark for their faithfulness and the service they do. May God bless this wonderful place where each one of us can enjoy nature to its fullest!

~ Lidia Voncina