WA: Guildford Church – Canvass Tuesdays

WA: Guildford Church – Canvass Tuesdays

Guildford Church has set every Tuesday from 11am to 1pm as “Courageous Canvass” for all who are willing to try it out. The weekly activity brings this vital mission to our community by offering a range of cookbooks, health and spiritual books.

It takes courage to knock on doors, and thoughts of rejection will try to keep us from engaging in this important work, but we must do what the Lord commanded us to do – “preach the gospel to every creature”.

We often get an opportunity to share the gospel with people at their doors and it brings such a sense of gratefulness to God for being able to share the simple saving truth. We’ve had excellent conversations so far with a good number of people even though we’ve only just begun this work. We have already sold SOP books, cook books and given away lots of Steps to Christ books (entitled “Happiness for Life”).

We are burdened with a message to share with the world – that is Christ is our Saviour. The gifts of grace and abundant joy He gives is shared in this work through literature with our neighbors and those in surrounding suburbs.
On the most recent canvass, we noticed a sign out the front, just by the front door, it said – “No trespassing. Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again.” Scattered all over the ground were beer bottles and an old pair of steel-cap boots. There was a little hesitation, but we got up the courage to knock all the same. Nobody answered, perhaps they weren’t home.

With each canvass, we are getting revived spiritually and God gives us increasing boldness. New ideas are sparked, and new ways are thought of to reach souls. It’s encouraging. May the Lord continue to bless this work.

~ Gerson Robles