Cooking Class – Victoria

Cooking Class – Victoria

The last cooking demonstration of the year had everyone in high spirits as surprises were rolled out one after another bringing good cheer and developing ties of friendship.  Almost every chair in the room was occupied as regular visitors encouraged their friends and family to join in the educational fun.  As a result there were twice the number of usual participants, the added interest adding to the enjoyment of the evening.

There was a little murmuring among some when only three recipes were quickly demonstrated rather than the usual four.  Had they been shortchanged?  Not likely.  The attendees were soon to be greatly blessed as the Melbourne choir beautifully serenaded them with Christian music.  Not to be outdone, the Sunbury band followed with their fun and enjoyable tunes.

Their hearts now warm and happy, Nathan stepped in with an enlightening presentation on the true meaning of Jesus’ birth – how His birth, life, death and resurrection confirmed the prophecies of the Bible leaving no room to doubt.  Heads were nodding in agreement as he shared what Jesus Christ’s coming to earth as a man means to us today.

Still the surprises were not over, as the doors dividing the hall were opened revealing a magnificent vegan banquet consisting of all the recipes demonstrated throughout the year.  Instead of the usual taste testing, those who joined us for the evening enjoyed a full-fledged meal, causing most to promise to come again for 2017’s classes (Already some have called asking when the start date is for the new season).

As people were leaving, they were encouraged to take a copy of The Desire of Ages.  A large number of copies were heartily received, and the evening closed, a good success.  Bonds were made and strengthened, visits arranged, and the whole church was blessed by being actively involved and united in reaching out and blessing those around them.

~ Adriana Stanciu Simen