VIC: Health Seminar

VIC: Health Seminar

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayst prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John vs 2.

Our mission is to preach the gospel to every creature. For sure the greatest desire of God’s heart is that His children should spend eternity with Him. However, His love doesn’t stop there. He cares for the health and happiness of His sons and daughters in this life just as much as He does for the life spent in the eternal abode. For this cause we have a message bound up with the gospel to bring life more abundant to the people of earth in such a time as this: where disease, pestilence and suffering abounds.

To help fulfil this commission, the idea to hold a series of health lectures in Melbourne was born. It was a grand idea, which involved bringing a speaker from overseas, hiring a professional seminar room, and making a commitment to run the program over several evenings.

Br. Liviu Tudoroiu was the requested speaker, and he graciously made time to fly the 16,000 kms from his home in the US to serve the people of Melbourne. Arrangements were made to hire a room in Mantra—a complex near the city in Preston, a very modern and comfortable space especially suited for seminars and business lectures. Different approaches to advertising included using Facebook, as well as flyers and posters which we took to vegan or vegetarian restaurants and cafes throughout Melbourne, asking them to display the advertising in their establishments in exchange for promoting their businesses at the event.

The lectures ran on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings over a period of two weeks, plus two additional meetings on Sabbath for the brethren here. The lectures were all very interesting, informative and highly engaging, covering a range of topics from food addiction to mental and spiritual health. All who attended—church members, people from the public, friends and relatives—were abundantly blessed. The health advice, church involvement, inspiration of missionary spirit and the experience of holding an event like this, were benefits of outstanding value to all who were involved. Hopefully this will lead to an even better project next time!

Thanks to God, the organisers, and to all those who participated in this blessed event – thank you for your untiring efforts and devotion in bringing this message of love and mercy to a sick and dying world! Looking forward to the next one!