WA Youth Cook-off

WA Youth Cook-off

On Saturday 3rd of June, the youth of Guildford Church gathered together for a “cook-off”.

All who participated were divided into teams and given various vegan ingredients from which to come up with a dessert, main or entrée dish within one hour.

There was intense action once the hour began, and the kitchen began to look like an overcrowded beehive of activity. The team work was excellent, however, and although many hands made a lot of mess, there was general courtesy and consideration given to each other in the use of an otherwise “too small” kitchen.

The hour was over very quickly, and the teams were able to present their particular dish to the judging team.

It was really a privilege to see the variety and thought and energy that had been put into each dish. They were unique, tasty (although only judges tasted them), and looked great.

The children also had an opportunity to have some fun in the kitchen with some “Elijah Bread” mix. They made little cookies from the mix which were also taken into consideration by the judges.

Overall it was a very enjoyable night. The organisers learned a few things of what to include next time and what not to include. But all had a team-building time together and enjoyed the social event.

We are looking forward to our next one, which will be run with improvements.

~ Catherine Robles