Baptism – Sister Raewyn Wales

Baptism – Sister Raewyn Wales

On Sabbath afternoon, the 7th of October 2017, family, members and guests of the Queensland Conference gathered together by the shores of Phill Hill Conservation area in Paradise point, Gold Coast to witness the baptism of Sister Raewyn Wales.

Sister Raewyn’s testimony was an inspiration to us all who attended the Sabbath fellowshipment. As Sister Raewyn, a New Zealander, was getting baptised in Australia, where we have “all sorts of strange and deadly creatures”, she was initially a bit concerned that crocodiles, eels, snakes, and crabs would be sneaking past her while she was in the water. She was very pleased and grateful that none of this was experienced. Sister Raewyn is happy to be back in New Zealand and is continuing to shine for Christ in her community.

We welcome Sister Raewyn Wales officially as a member of God’s Church.

Our prayers and best wishes are with her as she endeavours to follow closely in the footsteps of Jesus.

~ Reported by Jacob de Souza