Baptism – Coleambally

Baptism – Coleambally

12 May 2018 

On Sabbath 12 May we were blessed to gather together for the baptism of Lucy and Caleb Wiseman and Sarah McMahon.  It was inspiring to listen to the testimony of these youth as they committed their lives to God.  

After Brother Graham gave words of advice and encouragement, we met on the banks of Channel 9, Coleambally, for the baptism.  A number of students from the missionary school and visitors from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were present to offer their support along with local church attendees. 

The afternoon was spent in both vocal and instrumental praise to God, followed by close of Sabbath and a shared evening meal. 

We thank God for the witness these youth will be, and our prayers are with them as they begin their walk with Him. 

~ Ruth Rodionoff