Dudley Foord House Visit

Dudley Foord House Visit

A great opportunity opened to present a mini Focus Singers concert at the Dudley Foord House at The Ponds where Sister Catharina Sas resides. So, on Sabbath 19th May 2018, Focus Singers along with a small number of our church members, friends and EMC students assembled for a lovely afternoon of singing and instrumental items.  

We were truly blessed, as I am sure the residents, their families and staff members were also, as we all joined together in singing old hymn favourites – ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘Blessed Assurance’, ‘Old Rugged Cross’, and a few others. Some of the EMC students were able to present some beautiful instrumental pieces and the residents thoroughly enjoyed songs that they fondly remember growing up with, such as ‘It Is No Secret’ and ‘So Let the Sun Shine In’.  

To watch them smile and sing along brought a sense of joy and happiness in being able to share Jesus with them on this afternoon through songs of praise. Before we knew it one hour had passed, and our program had to be brought to an end. The residents enjoyed it so much that they asked for us to come back again, and soon. We had the pleasure of being able to meet and chat with the residents afterward, and we very much look forward to spending another afternoon of praise with them in the very near future. 

Tanya Ah-ching 

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