EMC Summary

EMC Summary

Elim Missionary College 

This year marked the 10-year anniversary of the Short Intensive Missionary Training Program run by Elim Missionary College. A four-month seminar series, the program is open to church members from around the globe. This year’s program was the sixth such program and was attended by 17 students. 

From Australia, Brazil, Canada, French Polynesia, Philippines, and the United States, the student body were diverse but also energetic. With an average age of just under 20 years old, they were a very youthful and lively group! 

Studies included Gospel Workers, Bible Research, preparing and presenting in-home Bible studies, Literature Evangelism, Operation of the Sabbath School, Health and the Gospel, Righteousness by Faith, Church Administration, Agriculture, History of the SDARM, Health and Detox, Distinctive Doctrines, and Effective Communication. 

In addition to study, students were involved in canvassing; visitation of various church groups, including teaching in their Sabbath Schools and presenting public Bible studies; two camp meetings; area visitation in Sydney, including conducting in-home Bible studies; a prophecy seminar; cooking demonstrations; a musical concert; and organic gardening practical exercises at Elim Heights Youth Camp. 

Graduation time came during the NSW camp, and everyone enjoyed the special presentations, testimonies and experiences shared. Completion certificates were handed out, with the last one making the 60th graduate of the four-month program. 

It is now much quieter around the office as we get back to “normal,” but we miss everyone and pray they experience the blessing of God as they seek to serve Him in the calling that He has for each one.