NSW Camp

NSW Camp

The weather was good for the annual New South Wales camp at Elim Heights. Meanwhile, we prayed for rain—the latter rain of the Holy Spirit—as we shared in the spiritual messages on the theme, “Gathered for Eternity.” 

Topics such as these were presented: “Atmosphere of Heaven,” “Ripening for Harvest,” “Throwing Out the Lifeline,” and “Counsel from a True Witness.” 

A highlight of the camp was the Elim Missionary College graduation, where another 16 young people completed the four-month training program. Parents and friends from around the world tuned in to the internet broadcast of the graduation program, which was the first event to be livestreamed from Elim Heights. 

It is hoped that all who attended will not soon forget the messages shared on our need, our message, and our preparedness for Christ’s soon return. 

~ Nathan Tyler